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Who is Lisa Hawke?


Hi thanks for taking the time to visit my site.

Let me tell you a little bit about me. 

I trained in the UK  over 19 years ago as a Registered Mental Health Nurse and since that time have continued to work in the field of health care. I my self have experienced a period of depression and anxiety following the birth of my first child, this allows me to truly empathise with people struggling with issues in their lives that might need help from others to overcome.


Credentialed Mental Health Nurse 

Advanced Diploma in Mental Health Nursing

Registered Nurse

Certificate in Counselling

Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Counselling

Certificate in Clinical Supervision


My Personal Counselling Approach:

My approach is an Eclectic one.  I draw bits from many modalities.  I do this mainly because individuals do not fit into neat little boxes and neither should individual counselling.  I have a vast experience of helping people with depression, anxiety, stress, and many of the other issues mentioned, in hospital, community and private settings, this has enabled me to have a flexible approach to people's problems. I also believe that somethings in people's lives CANNOT be changed, but we can learn to adapt to them or develop ways of coping with them, and in these cases that is how counselling can help.



I am a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse medicare provider, but rebate is only available for people who have a chronic illness and require psychological support, (one that has lasted for 6 months or over)under access to Allied Healthcare Professionals via an Enhanced Care Plan, and Mental Health Nurse Incentive Program, if this is the case, please contact me for a list of participating GP Practices.  As I am not a registered psychologist, medicare rebate is not available under the GP Better Access to Mental Health Care Plan, who knows in the future this might be extended to Credentialed Mental Health Nurses!!

You DO NOT have to see a GP before booking an appointment with me (unless you wish to access Medicare rebate as discussed).